The first sip of Moxie

Mox·ie, noun, force of character, determination, or nerve. Also known as the soda of Maine and a must-try for all newcomers such as myself.
When I was tossing around the idea of this blog — the tales of a girl from “away” living and exploring her way through Maine — must-try foods always came up. And every time, Moxie was either the first or second item mentioned.

Opinions about the not-so-sweet, bubbly drink ranged from full-out disgust to complete love. I was hesitant after one co-worker described it as “rancid Dr. Pepper,” but I was willing to try it at least once.

And guess what? I actually enjoyed it.

As I swirled my glass and smelled, I detected a slight smell of licorice and admired the bubbles that quickly made their way up my nose. My first sip was pleasant, mild and a bit like licorice Root Beer. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet, unlike the orange and grape sodas of my past.

Though I didn’t particularly care for the aftertaste which reminded me a bit of mouthwash.

The final verdict?

I could see how it would pair nicely with a fresh sub sandwich, but the bottle may go flat before I finish it, though not for a lack of enjoyment, I just prefer water.