Pink hot dogs

The neon pink dogs stared at me from their case along the back wall of Hannaford. I’d seen them before and always thought it a bit strange that they were dyed such a color, but I never considered grilling one up.

So, it came as a bit of surprise when my co workers suggested red hotdogs as a second food to try after Moxie. Several mentioned that they were the only dogs worth eating. But what on earth makes them that much better than regular old Nathan’s dogs, I found myself asking.

Nonetheless, we picked up a pack of six recently and threw them on the grill for dinner one cold night. They cooked like normal dogs so I was hopeful.

But as I took my first bite, I couldn’t get past that thick, bright pink skin. It was so rubbery and reminded me again of why I don’t care for cased meats.

I am willing to try them again and implore you readers for your suggestions to avoid getting hung up on the skin? Is it in the cooking process? Do they not freeze well? (We had them frozen before grilling.) Maybe they’re just not for everybody? This one still perplexes me, help?