Traveling outside of Maine

My family an I recently spent a week in Florida with spring breakers and snowbirds.

It was our first time leaving the greater Bangor area in three months – a casualty of moving and starting a new job.

But,  it amazed me how easily I had adjusted to life here in Vacationland. I was used to semi empty highways filled with slow compassionate drivers. We left from a quiet near empty airport,  and landed in New York City for a layover during which I remembered that the world holds millions more than the state of Maine.

And while the heat was a welcomed change from the snowy spring we’ve had so far, leaving felt a little strange. I ran outside, I rode a bike, I walked downtown to an ice cream parlor and all without a jacket.

Yet I found myself eager to return. Maine is home now. A cold home still yes, but a beautiful one filled with people and places  I’m beginning to understand and love.