Recognize your pediatrician, win $500

I know when we were looking for a doctor for our little miss, I was a nervous wreck. What if he or she didn’t support my decision to breastfeed? What if he or she was pushy about vaccinations or cagey about my millions of questions?

We ended up with a family osteopath and have had a wonderful experience so far. We all see him for our individual needs and we’ve never felt pressured, but always well informed.

Do you have a similar experience? Are your kids seeing someone you think deserves a little recognition? Want to win $500?

“Parents” magazine is looking for favorite pediatricians throughout America and I definitely think a winner should and could come from Maine.

In 250 words or less, parents, grandparents or guardians should explain how their child’s doctor “goes the extra mile”, improves the community or has recently achieved accomplishments in the medical field.

According to their website, “Parents” editors will chose seven winners based on the submissions. Then, the magazine will donate $1,000 to a child-focused charity on behalf of each of the doctors.

Those who submit winning nominations will each receive a $500 gift card to Walmart and that could buy a lot of diapers!

So, think your child’s doctor has what it takes? Submit your entry on the “Parents” website: through May 31.


Natalie Feulner

About Natalie Feulner

Natalie Feulner is a journalist and “semi-crunchy” cloth diapering momma to a rambunctious toddler named after a county in California. She drinks too much tea and loves to climb rocks but not at the same time.