What’s in a name?


BabyCenter recently released its list of top names for 2014. Some of them had me scratching my head like the number one boy name, Dhruvan, which I have never heard. Others have been on these types of lists for awhile like Sophie and Lilly (or Lily.)

Looking at the list, a few things are clear:

:: We’re still really into weird or different names as long as they aren’t too weird or different.

:: It’s a good thing my daughter has a pretty unique first name because her middle name is now #1, thank you Downton Abbey.

:: Old fashioned names are still making a comeback, particularly with girls, but not as much as last year’s list.

:: We still take a lot of inspiration from  television shows, or does the name come first? Either way — Brooks (Brooks Forester Fan Club anyone?), Cora (Again, with the Downton Abbey), Bella (Is Twilight still a thing?)

How did you decide on your child’s name? Check out the full list and let me know what you think!

(Oh, and if you’re really into this type of thing like I am, compare this year’s names to 100 years ago ... hint, Eleanor is on both lists)

Natalie Feulner

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