Pregnancy Essentials: The third trimester

Third Trimester Essentials

1. Prenatal Yoga: I did this prenatal yoga video at least once a day. I loved that the narrator talked about natural techniques for labor to think about while working through the various poses. I distinctly remember thinking about this when I was laboring, trying to remember the breathing and and using stretches to get through a contraction.

2. Massage: Husbands take note: In the third trimester, a prenatal massage is the absolute best gift you can give your wife. Absolute best. Just make sure you are working with someone trained to do prenatal massage because if not, the masseuse may accidentally put you into labor.

3. Heating pad: My back and hips were killing me by the time I neared the end. I was nursing a back injury I had incurred early on in my pregnancy and that coupled with 20 pounds and an expanding front, made for a pretty sore me by the end of the day. I would heat a rice bag before bed and sometimes re-heat during those inevitable trips to the bathroom.

4. Maternity jeans: Like I mentioned in my second trimester post, I used my Belly Band religiously. But, there came a time (maybe around 33 weeks) when even that became uncomfortable, especially when used with jeans. So I caved and bought a pair of maternity jeans then wondered why I didn’t start wearing them sooner. They were also great postpartum too.

5. Toms: I thankfully did not swell, so most of my shoes still fit. But I did find that wearing soft, canvas shoes felt the best. Plus, they go with pretty much everything 🙂

6. Evening Primrose Oil tablets: My midwife suggested I start taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules around week 36. It supposedly helps soften the cervix in preparation for labor and online forums are abound with people who went into labor almost immediately. I on the other hand went to 41 weeks do with this recommendation what you will.

7. Tums: I had wicked heartburn the last few weeks. I kept Tums in my purse, in my car, my desk and at home. They only helped so much, but it was worth the little relief!

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