Almost Disney, almost


For months now, I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews of Disney’s 2013 “Frozen.” I had heard “Let it Go” a handful of times and seen great spoofs of “Love is an open door.” But until earlier this week, I hadn’t seen the film.

Now, I have to join the dozens of other novice critics in saying “well done Disney.” It was almost perfect.

I loved that our heroins were orphaned sisters whose love was so strong it lasted through years of separation.

I loved the common sense (“You can’t marry a man you just met,”), the emphasis on loyalty, family and selflessness.

I loved that each girl embraces who she is despite pressures to do otherwise.

The catchy tunes certainly didn’t hurt. Though, I do not want to build a snowman.

And I loved the (somewhat obvious) push to make sure little girls know they don’t need a man to succeed and be happy.

But, there’s still an almost. You see, just as I was about to proclaim this Elsa character the perfect princess I want my daughter to look up to, Disney went and sexualized her. Kind of like they tried (unsuccessfully) to do to Merida, the heroine of “Brave.”

During the second to last stanza of her song, “Let it go,” Elsa sings,

“Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone”

and suddenly she is transforming into a seemingly “more perfect” version of herself. Read: Changing out of a dark, modest dress and into a chic, shiny one with a thigh-high slit. And is it just me or did it seem like all of a sudden her small waist and bust were much more noticeable?

Now, I’m sure my daughter will still see her share of Elsa in a few years (along with Belle, Cinderella and the other classics) but alas, it was almost perfect, almost.

** Wanting more “Frozen” spoofs? Check out this one. Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Do girls even notice those types of things and do they matter?

Natalie Feulner

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