Rockland Synagogue to hold interfaith family discussion

ROCKLAND — Are you one half of an interfaith relationship or marriage? If so, check this out. Interfaith couples are invited to take part in a discussion group at the Adas Yoshuron Synagogue on Thursday, May 1.
According to a press release about the event, participants will have a chance to share their experiences and concerns about having an intimate relationship with someone who practices a different religion. Discussion points will include “what has your experience been with the Jewish community,” and “how do you deal with religious … {and} cultural differences.”
An “interfaith marriage” can be between one person who is Jewish and another who is Christian, but could also include people of different Christian denominations or religions. More than 50 percent of Jewish men and women marry someone from another religion, which some see as an example of assimilation, but also demonstrates the declining role religious identity plays in the lives of many young Americans, the press release said.
Questions some couples in interfaith relationships may face include how to deal with children’s religious education, how to respect both people’s beliefs, and how best to learn more about the opposing faith without converting.
The discussion will be moderated by Adas Yoshuron’s visiting rabbi, Natan Margalit and refreshments will be served. The synagogue hopes it will be the first in a series of discussions and forums about the topic.
For more information contact the synagogue at 207-594-4523, or email
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