Cloth diapering: What works for us

The bean sports her foxy Best Bottom in her one month photos.

The bean sports her foxy Best Bottom in her one month photos.

I’ve been using cloth diapers for about four months now, so I’m not exactly an expert, but also not a novice either. People often ask what type of diapers I’d recommend and I usually don’t have an answer. At least one that doesn’t take 45 minutes to explain. That’s because they all work for us for different reasons (and because I talk to much.)

Our stash includes pockets, all-ones and two-in-ones. Not sure what that sentence even says? Check out this how to speak cloth diaper post.

The tightening gusset on the Fuzzibunz Elite.

The tightening gusset on the Fuzzibunz Elite.

Pockets: We have mostly Fuzzibunz pockets – both sized and one sized. I prefer the sized. When I first started, I thought for sure, I’d LOVE the Elites, but I find them a bit cumbersome. You have to tighten the legs and waist using gussets tucked into the pocket. It’s great if you have a baby with a big waist, skinny thighs or some weird dimensions, but it just creates a lot of extra bulk. I really prefer the snap down style of the one-size diapers instead. But, the sized ones, though we’ll have to buy at least two sets, are great. Both styles dry really quickly and the microfiber inserts are extra absorbent and haven’t had any issues with stink.


All-in-ones: These are sized and the easiest because there isn’t any stuffing involved. We have Thirsties Duo All-in-Ones. They dry really slowly (they need a whole dry cycle on high and then about an hour air dry.) But, they’re great to throw in the diaper bag and are really easy. Babysitters, grandma and anyone else can use them without much to fuss with. Plus, they’re pretty trim fitting. I also bought a few one size TotBots used on the Maine Cloth Diaper Shop and Swap Facebook page and they work well for us.


Best Bottom covers sit on the dryer while the inserts finish drying.

Two-in-ones: We have Best Bottoms which are one-sized and use a maxi pad-looking insert that snaps into the waterproof cover. It’s really easy to resize them and the insert can be taken out and replaced really easily. Plus, if baby only pees, you can just snap in a new insert and don’t need to use a whole new diaper. These dry the quickest and are very trim fitting.

So, all of above text aside — if you need convenience, go with an all-in-one.

Need quick drying but don’t want to mess with prefolds? Check out the pockets or two-in-ones.

Want a good deal? Go for the two-in-ones. Do you cloth diaper? What have you found works for you and your family? Thinking about it and want more info, I can talk your ear off so feel free to contact me!


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