What’s wrong with Imogen?


And I’m back with another post about baby names, or one specifically this time – Imogen.

According to Nameberry, Imogen is the top searched name of the first half of 2014, just like it was for 2013. However, it isn’t yet a top name. In fact, of the thousands of people who searched for Imogen on Nameberry last year, only a hundred or so ended up using the name.

Thinking it must have to do with the meaning of the name, I looked it up. But according to the site, and others like it, Imogen is fairly popular in England and was a misspelling of the name Innogen, a charming character in Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline.” It also means maiden, daughter and innocent – none of which seem like a reason to ax it if you ask me.

I mean, Claudia and Kennedy are pretty common names, and they mean “lame” and “misshapen head” respectively.

So, I guess I’m still baffled. Although, if you’re looking for a girl’s name that people won’t scratch their heads at, but also won’t be using themselves, Imogen may be the way to go.

Any thoughts on why people are looking for Imogen but not ending up using the name?

Natalie Feulner

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