Cloth diapers no longer illegal in Maine

Cloth diapers for sale at Central Stree Farmhouse in Bangor.

Cloth diapers for sale at Central Stree Farmhouse in Bangor.

Awhile back, a law was on the books prohibiting parents from sending children to daycare in cloth diapers, unless they had a doctor’s note explaining a medical reason for not using disposables. Never mind if the center director or teachers were OK with it or that diapers of today look nothing like those of yesterday, and more parents around the state are using cloth, it was against the law.

However, in a quiet display of solidarity with cloth users throughout Maine, the state legislature passed a bill last year allowing parents and guardians to request that a child care provider use cloth diapers for their child IF it is allowed by the center.

The new law (LD803, Section 1) also regulates the handling of said cloth diapers requiring centers to “place soiled cloth diapers in a sealed bag or container and return the soiled diapers to the parent or guardian.

So, rock on cloth diaper mommas.



Natalie Feulner

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