The Bachelor 2015 and an evil plan to trick my husband

I have a confession about ABC’s The Bachelor. It’s what gets me through Mondays in January. That’s lame, I know. But have you noticed how cold it is (-7?!), how dark it is at 4:30 p.m., and how watching horrible television is mind numbing (exactly what you need on Mondays after work)?

This year, I’m determined to have my husband watch alongside me, and I’ve devised a plan to make that happen.

First, I told him about Bachelor Chris Soules. My husband is big into the farming/fresh food movement, and while saying Soules is a “back-to-the-lander” is far-fetched, he is a farmer none the less.

I use the mute button. I find this helps me get through the show as well. Sometimes those ladies (and host Chris Harrison honestly) are just too much. So. Dramatic. When things start getting out of hand, I silence the TV and make up what I think the “characters” should say instead.

I point out the most interesting characters. This year the show cast a young (beautiful, of course) widow named Kelsey Poe and of course, there’s the usual crazies.

So far (granted we’re only one episode in), my plan seems to be working. My husband came home from work halfway through last night’s season opener, and I chatted him up about who was who and what they were all doing so far.

And guess what he hopped out of the shower talking about this morning? Yep, The Bachelor. Something must be working because you know the shower is where you process what’s really important in life. (Insert evil laugh here.) 

Granted his commentary was mostly about how ridiculous the show was, but if it wasn’t cheesy, over-the-top and absurd, we wouldn’t be watching.


Natalie Feulner

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