Breastfeeding mother told to “be more discreet” plans nurse-in

Nurse-in. (noun) An event that brings together breastfeeding mothers, particularly after one or more have been asked to not breastfeed in public. 

BDN file photo.

BDN file photo.

A group of Maine mothers is planning a “nurse-in” today at a Lewiston restaurant after what one mother says was a “humiliating” experience.

Stephanie Parise started a Facebook event and had more than a dozen mothers saying they would join after posting about her experience at Fusion in Lewiston.

Parise said while out to lunch this weekend, she breastfed her infant at the table before she and her mother were served their meal. Soon after, she was approached by a server and asked “to be more discreet.” The pair ended up leaving the restaurant and Parise took to the internet.

A manager at the restaurant could not be reached for comment.

For more information about the event, which is planned for noon today, check out the Breastfeeding Mamas of Maine Facebook page.


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