Top 7 comments from World Naked Gardening Day

Last week on a whim I shared a nugget of web gold. World Naked Gardening Day. Celebrated every May on the first Saturday of the month, World Naked Gardening Day celebrates fresh food, fun and of course, appreciation for the human form in all its glory.

You all took it in stride and I had a blast reading the comments on Facebook, here on the blog and via email. I’v collated a few of my favorites:

#1 Jim Bunday: Saw it was naked gardening day and thought about it, but my birthday suit is in bad need of ironing so I skipped it.

#2 Kimberly WatsonMay 3rd is remove a tick day

#3 Ellen Harris-howardThis would even scare my chickens!

#4 Brina Jefferson: I can be a bit of a nudist, however, bugs think I’m tasty and half of my garden has thorns. I’m not sure nude gardening is for me! the bugs don’t seem to be out yet, but I’m sure they’ll wake up if I’m out there looking tasty. The neighbors may not be as excited as the bugs about it, either.

#5Joe BartekNot a good day to work in the rose garden. Ouch.

#6 Paul McGuire: This has gone viral on the black fly social networks.

#7Coo Coo CaChoo: Would this be considered organic gardening? …



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